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Developer - Front-end

Job description

At Versett, a developer is a broad sweeping term for a technical consultant, strategist, and finally, implementor of solutions for the products we create. A Front-end Developer's role focuses on the UI and UX of web products and applications and integrating them with backend systems and APIs. You should be equipped with an ever-shifting tool belt based on latest best practices, up-to-date standards, and most importantly a strong understanding of the problem at hand and what best solves it.

Worried about frameworks, build systems, transpilers and other beasts? Don't be. While we do have preferences that we adjust and align on as a team, in our opinion tools are easier to teach and learn than concepts (but we encourage teaching and learning those, too).


Your core competencies as a front-end developer rely on a strong understanding of CSS, HTML, and Javascript (web and Node). You have a foundational understanding of modern patterns and methodologies, a solid grasp of latest specifications, and an awareness of accessibility and performance pitfalls. You are flexible and strive to better yourself and the company. You have a collaborative mindset, and most importantly, you have empathy for your users, clients, and co-workers.

'Front-end' is a broad term and doesn't have to be all-encompassing, if you feel like you fit some of the following you should get in touch:

  • You have worked with a designer or solo to build out a styleguide/style system/UI kit.
  • You have rolled your own BEM, OOCSS, SMACSS-esque css architecture, for better or worse.
  • You have built a SPA or two using one or more JS frameworks and it went really well.
  • You have built a SPA or two using one or more JS frameworks and it went really badly.
  • You've built out a website or web-app that met WCAG AA compliance.
  • You are used to letting a build system do the heavy lifting.
  • You have had conversations around state management, immutability, and unidirectional flow.


Is Versett the right place for you?

We are a small and growing development team that is constantly looking to improve process and quality with every project we do. If you are looking to make an impact and have continued input into how a company operates, this is probably the place for you.

Our goal is to give our developers the opportunity to explore and learn new technologies and constantly expand their toolbelts and professional capabilities, whether that is through different client projects or our internal Alpha projects.

Here are examples of tools and technologies we currently work with:

  • React, Redux
  • Flow
  • Jest, Jasmine
  • WebPack, Babel
  • npm
  • SCSS
  • NodeJS
  • Travis
  • Heroku
  • AWS 

We currently have openings for Front-end Developer in Toronto, Calgary, and New York.

About Versett

Versett is a product design and engineering studio in Calgary, Toronto, and New York. Founded in 2011, we specialize in websites and mobile products.

Why work at Versett

Our team is tight-knit and built on the philosophy of "Small, but Mighty". Versett was founded on a shared vision of a place where we can create meaningful work collaboratively, while continuing to grow and learn as individuals.

Perks? We’ve got perks:

  • Team events and retreats
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • The hardware/software setup you need
  • "Take the time you need" vacation policy
  • Flexible hours
  • Casual environment
  • Diverse team